Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe this does make a difference after all

Up until this morning, I had decided to abandon this blog because I wasn't sure anyone was reading it, and honestly, I didn't have a particular direction I was taking it in... think "summer teeth" (What? You don't get it? Sucks to be you!). Well, I was all over the place with this darn blog! Then someone left me a comment thanking me for posting about the Bedford Report, Bedford Financial = pump and dump schemers! and it suddenly all made sense to me: I had to keep posting on all the huge FAILS (and not NOT-SO-FAILS) I encountered in my life, be it in stock trading, buying electronics, deciding between utility providers (PSE&G, your days are numbered!) etc. SO, I'm back, and I'll be posting some more stuff soon.

Thanks for reading, and please feel at ease to make any suggestions about what you want me to blog about.

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